Top 5 Skills for People Managers

Are you an individual contributor ready for that next step? Are you managing staff now but want to do a better job? If you’re wondering what it takes to be a people manager and how you can develop or refine your expertise, read on for the top five skills people […]

8 Steps to Strategy Development – Part One

So you need a strategy. Maybe you’re boot-strapping a start-up or have an established base and are ready for exponential growth in your company. Maybe you’re part of a large, multi-national conglomerate looking for cost savings or new markets to enter. Whatever stage you’re at, a solid strategy will help […]

8 Steps to Strategy Development – Part Two

In Part One, I introduced business strategy development and the first half of the process. In taking a detailed current state, diagnosing your company’s actual challenges, and generating a variety of pathways to success, you’ll be in a great position to finish the process with the remaining four steps below. […]

4 Signs You have a Bad Strategy

Strategic Lens. Strategic Plan. Corporate #Strategy.  Business leaders are always talking about strategy – and for good reason. A good strategy can help you capture the most market share or ensure you weather the storms of recession. Having a strong, clear #businessstrategy means organizations can focus their actions, put them into coherent […]