Shannen standing in front of an arched wooden door, arms crossed and laughing

Four things about me:


Vancouver, B.C.

Sunshine Coast, B.C.



B.B.A. – Human Resources

Certificate in Public Policy & Governance


14 years


Board Director




Cutting through the noise to what’s important


Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus


A unique combination of learnings and experience shape my knowledge, skills and abilities. Here are a few key ones.

Critical Thinking

Diving deep, asking thought-provoking questions, and challenging the status quo.

Passion for Knowledge

Keeping a pulse on current events, media, and business trends and combining them with emerging insights and academic breakthroughs.


Using storytelling tailored to each audience to communicate complex topics in simple terms.

Emotional Intelligence

Engaging thoughtfully, hearing what’s not being said, and maintaining strong relationships.


Here’s a bit of what I’ve been working on recently.

Intergovernmental Relations Strategy

With limited resources, how can municipalities build relationships and communicate priorities to senior government?

To answer this, I led strategic planning sessions for leaders to develop a focused government relations strategy on their four key advocacy priorities: Housing, Climate Change, Reconciliation and Transportation.

IT Dark Fibre Network Business Case

What impact does the Canadian oligopoly on network infrastructure have on small and medium businesses? And what role, if any, should government play?


These are the critical questions my clients and I worked towards to determine whether there’s a robust business case for investment in municipal dark fibre infrastructure.

HR Talent Management Strategy

How can government attract, retain and develop the best people while maintaining fiscal prudence in a complex regulatory environment?

More to come!



Senior executives deal with difficult, complex issues every day. Their areas of expertise are critical to managing situations AND crises often span multiple areas of expertise. What then?


Managing crises effectively means calmly and confidently leading disparate stakeholders under pressure. I work with executives and staff to help them manage a crisis – from designating point people, advising them what to say/do and what NOT to say/do, and solving problems – and get back to doing the good work they do.

First Nations Heritage Management Plan

How can governments – built on colonial institutions – balance long-standing legal obligations while upholding First Nations sovereignty and advancing UNDRIP legislation?


These complex, intertwining topics are woven throughout the work I do supporting the Host Nations in developing an effective archaeological management plan that documents necessary protections of tangible and intangible heritage for generations to come.

How do business trends and government policies affect each other?