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I’m a management consultant working at the intersection of business strategy and public policy. 

The business of government brings a whole new level of complexity to solving some of society’s biggest problems. Politics, multi-level jurisdictions and intergovernmental relations all play important roles in shaping how we ultimately experience day-to-day life.

Combining an MBA, extensive public service, and a deep appreciation for people, I have a talent for spotting patterns and solutions; offering innovation to senior executives facing some pretty tough challenges.

After-hours, I write commentary on current events where emerging business trends, governance and public policies collide.

And I ride my bike. 


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From hospitality, start-ups, and retail franchises to a variety of public sector bodies, non-profits, and boards.


Strong values built on integrity, trust and service ground my work, communications and relationships.


Keeping a pulse on the latest headlines in politics, government policies, and big business.